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Colbert to take over Letterman? Late night TV is really in its prime after a while. Glad to have met him during his Report tenure! #tbt
Me and my scary baby ready to prank Darlene Rodriguez for Matt Lauer on the Today Show. #DevilsDue

Catch the full Devil Baby Attacks the Today Show clip here!
A quick sketch of my pup, Balu, looking out the window as my mom’s car drives off. #hecute
My elegant musicians ready to groove tonight… #datmusiclife
♫♪ Coco coco ‘ta dulce, dulce de coco ♫♪ #santodomingo
Hey Puerto Rico! Nice to meet you :D
'Cause I'm too lazy to dress up today :P #tbt #halloween
New keyboard stickers! :D

Symphony of the Goddesses was Zelda of legendary! Beautiful arrangements of the game’s themes.

Something awesome this way comes… ;D
On the set of CNN’s “New Day” #bts
Green tea roasted grain protein shake time! #yumminess
Celebrating National Donut Day with Chelsea Market’s finest! #happytummy
Balu. Defender of households. Protector of squeaky toys. Menace to the common ground squirrel.